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Mon Feb 15 18:45:50 CET 2010

Handbook  sekce Compile the Base System
na konci rika:

It is possible to specify a -j option to make which will cause it to 
spawn several simultaneous processes. This is most useful on multi-CPU 
machines. However, since much of the compiling process is IO bound 
rather than CPU bound it is also useful on single CPU machines.

On a typical single-CPU machine you would run:

# make -j4 buildworld

make(1) will then have up to 4 processes running at any one time. 
Empirical evidence posted to the mailing lists shows this generally 
gives the best performance benefit.

If you have a multi-CPU machine and you are using an SMP configured 
kernel try values between 6 and 10 and see how they speed things up.


Paralelni kompilace kernelu podle me zkusenosti i podle konferenci casto 
koncila chybou a paralelni instalaci me nikdy nenapadlo pustit, takze nevim


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