proftpd a Mysql

Liquid liquid at
Wed Aug 13 12:50:43 CEST 2003


Pokousim se z PORTu nainstalovat Proftpd s podporou MySQL (make -
Krachen mi to na teto hlasce:

checking for type fp_except... no
checking if c++ supports bool types... yes
checking if conversion of longlong to float works... Segmentation 
fault (core dumped)
configure: error: Your compiler cannot convert a longlong value to a 
If you are using gcc 2.8.# you should upgrade to egcs 1.0.3 or newer 
and try
===>  Script "configure" failed unexpectedly.
      Please report the problem to dirk at [maintainer] and 
      the "/usr/ports/databases/mysql323-client/work/mysql-
      including the output of the failure of your make command. Also, 
it might
      be a good idea to provide an overview of all packages installed 
on your
      system (e.g. an `ls /var/db/pkg`).
*** Error code 1

Stop in /usr/ports/databases/mysql323-client.
*** Error code 1

Stop in /usr/ports/ftp/proftpd.

Dokazal by mi s tim nekdo pomoct? V Systemu jiz mam nainstalovany 
MySQL client 4.0.14. 
Ale kdyz v Makefile portu Proftpd prepisu cestu k portu MySQL clienta 
na verzi 4.0, tak to napise tuhle hlasku:

Making all in man
===>  Installing for mysql-client-4.0.14
===>   Generating temporary packing list
===>  Checking if databases/mysql40-client already installed
===>   mysql-client-4.0.14 is already installed
      You may wish to ``make deinstall'' and install this port again
      by ``make reinstall'' to upgrade it properly.
      If you really wish to overwrite the old port of 
      without deleting it first, set the variable "FORCE_PKG_REGISTER"
      in your environment or the "make install" command line.
*** Error code 1

Stop in /usr/ports/databases/mysql40-client.
*** Error code 1

Stop in /usr/ports/ftp/proftpd.

Pomuze mi nekdo yresit tuhle situaci? Mnohokrate diky.


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