mod_php4 a podpora session

Miroslav Chlasták chlastak at
Tue Oct 5 17:11:33 CEST 2004

Ok, tak jsem nainstaloval lang/php4 a pak php4-extensions a uz to frci.
Jeste sice bylo nutne poopravit cestu k extensions, ale hlavni je, ze to 

Dekuji vsem za rady a hlavne trpelivost :)


DanGer napsal(a):

>port /usr/ports/www/mod_php4 sa uz v podstate nepouziva, je to tam len
>kvoli spetnej kompatibilite...
>v Makefile je odkaz do /usr/ports/lang/php4, cize to aj php4
>nainstaluje a ak potrebujes dalsie extensions,
>/usr/ports/lang/php4-extensions je tvoj priatel.
>ako sa pise v /usr/ports/UPDATING
>  AFFECTS: users of PHP
>  AUTHOR: ale at
>  The old lang/php4 and lang/php5 ports have been splitted into 'base' PHP,
>  PEAR, and shared extensions to allow more flexibility and add new features.
>  Upgrading your current PHP installation will result in a 'base' PHP
>  installation (no PEAR and no extensions).
>  PEAR can be found in the new devel/php4-pear and devel/php5-pear ports, while
>  the set of PHP extensions to install can be choosen via the meta-ports
>  lang/php4-extensions and lang/php5-extensions, or installing singular
>  extensions individually.
>  If you have a previous php.ini configuration file, be sure to comment out
>  the extension_dir parameter, since the correct path is statically compiled
>  into the PHP binary.
>  For an overview of the modules used with the old PHP binary, use
>  the command "php -m".

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