Michal Kutnohorsky michal at freebsd.cz
Thu Jul 26 17:00:29 CEST 2001

a co to udelat pomoci fdw

mn ipfw

fwd ipaddr[,port]
		     Change the next-hop on matching packets to ipaddr,
which can be an IP address in dotted quad or a host name.
If ip addr is not a directly-reachable address, the route
as found in the local routing table for that IP is used
instead.  If ipaddr is a local address, then on a
packet entering the system from a remote host it will be
diverted to port on the local machine, keeping the local ad
		     dress of the socket set to the original IP address
the packet was destined for.  This is intended for use
with transparent proxy servers.  If the IP is not a local
address then the port number (if specified) is ignored
and the rule only applies to packets leaving the system.
This will also map addresses to local ports when
packets are generated locally.  The search terminates if this
rule matches.  If the port number is not given then
the port number in the packet is used, so that a packet
for an external machine port Y would be forwarded to
local port Y.  The kernel must have been compiled with the

s timto nemam zatim zkusenosti, takze nevim, jestli to takhle bude


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