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The power, flexibility, and reliability of FreeBSD attract a wide variety of users and vendors. Here you will find vendors offering commercial products and/or services for FreeBSD.

For your convenience, we have divided our growing commercial listing into several sections. If your company supports a FreeBSD related product, service, consulting, or support that should be added to this page, please fill out a problem report in category Documentation->Website. Submissions should contain a medium-sized paragraph in length, describing your company. Please note that the inclusion of vendors in our list does not signify our endorsement of their products or services by the FreeBSD Project.

Internet Service Providers

Active Domain has been providing domain name registration service since 2001. We are utilizing FreeBSD exclusively on all our mail, web and DNS servers. The stability and security of FreeBSD has enabled us to provide consistently DNS service for over hundred thousand domain names. We fully recommend and support the development of FreeBSD.
Active Venture Pte Ltd strives to provide one of the most feature-packed and affordable web hosting services on the market. We offer an extensive range of FreeBSD-based virtual hosting plans to meet the needs of any webmaster for personal, professional, or ecommerce web hosting requirements.
Aplus.Net is a facilities based provider located in San Diego, CA since 1995. We provide Web Hosting, Dedicated Servers, Domain Names, Web Design, and E-Commerce solutions. We offer to our customers the power and stability of the FreeBSD Operating System with our Web Hosting and Dedicated Servers. Aplus.Net, everything for your online business. is an Argentina based Hosting and e-mail provider with FreeBSD infrastructure and Globalcrossing connectivity. We offer FreeBSD-stable dedicated servers with great connectivity, Shared hosting on Plesk for FreeBSD, and Corporate FreeBSD based email hosting.
Argeweb Hosting
Argeweb is one of the largest hosting providers in the Netherlands. Most of our shared hosting platforms are running on servers powered by FreeBSD for years.
ARP Networks
We are a data center services provider offering VPS, dedicated servers, private cloud, colocation, and IP transit. FreeBSD has been supported on all our offerings since 2008, as well as OpenBSD.
Astute Hosting Incorporated
Astute Hosting provides advanced high-availability semi-managed dedicated hosting with all the flexibility of co-location but at a better price point than most unmanaged dedicated solutions. FreeBSD is our OS of choice, and what we run on our own servers and workstations. Our bandwidth consists of 4 Tier 1's, and hundreds of peers across North America, Europe, and Asia. is a leader in cloud hosting, dedicated servers, virtualization hosting services, and FreeBSD hosting. Users can deploy a FreeBSD instance in seconds and run any number of instances.
English company in Munich, Germany. Bilingual consultancy & hosting. Virtual & physical domain hosting on diverse servers, and customer's own local & ISP hosted servers.
Bewide Internet Service Provider
Bewide is an Internet Service Provider focussing on all forms of hosting, domain registration and development of internet applications. We are a company demanding a high level of quality, using high quality hardware. FreeBSD is the operating system of our choice, powering our systems with a high quality operating system, perfectly suited for our company. For more information about Bewide, please visit our website
Black Point Arts Internet Solutions GmbH
We offer flexible solutions and serve our customers needs with compentent and fast support. Our services include website hosting, virtual Servers (VPS) and server homing (e.g. managed servers)/colocation for all kinds of companies. We are located in Germany.
bytecamp GmbH
We run a homogenic FreeBSD environment in our own datacenter located in East Germany near Berlin since 2000. Our developers contribute code to many open source projects. bytecamp is the home for and both biggest German BSD communities, and bytecamp offers professional hosting on a FreeBSD cluster, enterprise email solutions, domain name registration, dedicated and virtual servers. We offer several shared, reseller and shell hosting plans on FreeBSD platform that will meet and exceed all of your web presence needs from small personal family web sites to full blown online e-commerce solutions. provides FreeBSD as a hosting platform for clusters, clouds, and stand-alone dedicated servers. We have been supporting the Open Source community for over seventeen years.
Centrix Technology Group Inc.
Centrix Technology Group provides support for FreeBSD, NetBSD, and OpenBSD. Our forte is server management and remote SSH administration. We offer specialized support for BIND 8 and 9 DNS, Apache PHP, and MySQL Database Servers (FAMP). Providing support on a global scale from our facility located in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. Onsite service available throughout North America and Asia.
As a public cloud provider we pride ourselves on offering the latest operating system releases via our public library of instantly deployable images. FreeBSD is a popular distribution and we have a loyal following of FreeBSD users. Especially as we are one of the few public clouds that natively supports FreeBSD without modification. We are very pleased to offer version 9.0 with a 7 day free trial as an ideal opportunity for new customers to discover as well what the latest version has to offer. Please visit our website to get more information.
Colocation America
Colocation America provides colocation, dedicated server and VoIP hosting services with 22 data centers located across the United States. Our data centers are PCI, SAS 70, SSAE 16 and HIPAA compliant with security and support staff working 24/7 to support our 100% uptime guarantee. Customers can enjoy our FreeBSD web, mail, DNS and database servers dedicated servers that are hosted in a secure environment supported by certified data center technicians.
Colocrossing provides FreeBSD powered colocation services in 6 locations in the US. From managed hosting to colocation, we are here for you.
Crucial Servers LLC
Crucial Servers LLC uses FreeBSD to the fullest controlling our hosting network behind PC FreeBSD based routers that control ipv4 and ipv6 connectivity, traffic shapping and advanced firewall tactics all currently use FreeBSD. All our public and private web servers all run FreeBSD 4.9 or higher and have uptimes over 400 days. We are a FreeBSD friendly provider and offer Free consulting for colocation and server customers.
DBI Hosting
DBI Hosting offers a cost effective BSD VPS product based on the FreeBSD platform in a secure and stable environment. We guarantee our resources and our support team is second to none.
Delimiter provides unmanaged, affordable dedicated servers, and cloud hosting from our US based data centers. Our unmanaged service includes a wide range of self-serve tools including automated OS installations and dedicated KVM functionality. We also offer cheap bare metal dedicated servers. Our support technicians have 5+ years of Unix, BSD, and Linux sysadmin experience.
Digital Ocean
Digital Ocean offers FreeBSD virtaul private servers (Droplets) from ten data centers around the world. Droplets range in size and price, supporting hourly or monthly billing with snapshot functionality. All Droplets are created on SSD drives for ideal performance. FreeBSD support was added the first quarter of 2015.
EasyName and our sister company are managing FreeBSD Servers for KURIER, one of the largest newspapers in Europe. We offer managed servers of all varieties and operating systems, real time domain name registration services, and shared web hosting services.
EasySpeedy provides dedicated servers with colocation benefits, and a flexible self-service environment. We're dedicated to bringing our customers a wide range of automatically installed Linux and BSD-systems, all available at the click of a button.
Emuadmin is offering a full range of services supporting the FreeBSD operating system. Security, customized firewalls, full server management, custom programming, performance tuning, network management solutions.
Ermis | Domeinruimte
Ermis | Domeinruimte has been hosting websites since 2004 on FreeBSD servers, but also offer anti-spam services, backup MX, handle domain name registrations and offer IT services to our corporate clients. We strive to bring the best service for the lowest price. Since we are based in Rotterdam (the Netherlands) all our services are available primarily in Dutch, where possible but also offer services in English for our international clients. We colocated our infrastructure in a climate neutral datacenter and our servers' energy consumption is remarkably low but retain performance.
We provide high quality web-hosting and VIP-hosting services in Russia and CIS based only on FreeBSD systems customized for hosting needs, dedicated servers with support of all currently available FreeBSD distributions.
Exonetric Consulting Ltd is a UK based specialist in FreeBSD hosting, offering both individual jails and managed or unmanaged systems on dedicated hardware. In addition we provide BSD-aware colocation services in our London datacentre and are also able to offer assistance with capacity planning and recommendations for best-fit software components for larger systems.
Fast PC Networks
We offer colocation and managed services via our data center facilities. We recommend FreeBSD to our colocation customers who want a stable and flexible platform. We provide a pure colocation environment or dedicated managed hosting.
File Sanctuary
File Sanctuary is a hosting provider in the UK offering Cloud Servers (VPS) powered by the Xen hypervisor. Cloud Servers are available in a variety of sizes and prices and are billed monthly, giving customers total control at an affordable price. Cloud Servers are deployed just a few minutes after an order is received. FreeBSD was added as a supported operating system starting in January 2016.
Gecad Technologies
Gecad Technologies develops an innovative messaging solution available for Linux and BSD Platforms - AXIGEN Mail Server. This highly configurable MTA offers (E)SMTP, POP3, IMAP4 and Webmail SSL/TLS secured services. It includes an integrated list server and connectors for Antivirus and Antispam applications. AXIGEN provides several administration tools, including an intuitive Web configuration interface, granting system administrators full control of the email traffic. AXIGEN works on FreeBSD, NetBSD and OpenBSD. For more information, please see
GigeNET provides dedicated servers, cloud servers, colocation, and DDOS protection services. We fully support FreeBSD on all our products as of now. We have integrated FreeBSD 9 in to our Cloud Server product as well.
GloboTech Communications
GloboTech offers world class hosting services and uncompromising support. Their services include Dedicated Servers, Public Cloud and Private Cloud with Fundamental Management and a 100% Power and Network Uptime. Their all-SSD public cloud includes a set of one-click app for faster deployment, less than 90 seconds and a comprehensive and easy-to-use cloud portal.
gradwell dot com Ltd
gradwell dot com Ltd is a UK Internet Email and Webhosting provider offering UNIX shell accounts, web hosting, mailman and ezmlm, pop3, imap, webmail (squirrelmail), mysql, php, fastcgi and mod_perl hosting on FreeBSD servers in London. Our site is Phone: 0870 787 9129.
Hamburgnet provides you with experience in FreeBSD and OpenBSD based projects. From low-end webservers to high-end firewall and database clusters. Storage, server, Unix, cluster & consulting. You can visit our website, mail us, phone us at +49 (40) 73672322 or contact us via fax at +49 (40) 73672321. offers high speed website hosting with free domain names, no data transfer charges, no setup fees and spam solutions. Virtual Host accounts and Virtual Servers with FreeBSD as the operating system.
Hivelocity provides dedicated servers, colocation, and cloud hosting. Hivelocity deploys bare-metal servers built to your exact specifications, virtual servers and both public and private cloud hosted solutions. The Hivelocity data center maintains compliance for HIPAA, PCI and an SSAE-16 certification. Colocated customers have 24/7 private and secure access to their locking cabinets within the Hivelocity facility. Hivelocity provides a wide range of bleeding edge solutions and software for thousands of businesses big and small.
Host Department
Host Department provides FreeBSD-based web hosting, reseller hosting, domain name registration, and free web hosting services for personal, small and medium enterprise businesses, government, and also non-profit organizations.
Host1 has been providing hosting, domains and servers from Norway since 2009. We offer FreeBSD virtual servers and dedicated servers. We also offer FreeBSD on VMs in our Elastic Cloud. All our servers come with native IPv6., Inc.
HostingFreak is a company providing hosting services for everyone's needs. Whether it might be a high content, or a private website, we are dedicated to a high level of reliability and performance. Our company offers hosting services ranging from web-site hosting to self-managed dedicated servers.
Hostpoint AG
With 55,000 customers and 100,000 domain names (status quo December 2007), Hostpoint is Switzerland's leading hosting provider. Hostpoint offers website and application hosting services throughout Switzerland.
Hub Hosting Services
Hub.Org has provided Open-Source Web Hosting services since 1997. Our solutions include FreeBSD VPS Hosting and self-managed VPS hosting among many others. Hub has several cost-effective hosting plans to fit your business, whether it is a new site or several busy ones. Hub.Org has been actively involved in several leading, open-source projects (FreeBSD InterNet News (INN), WU-FTPd, OpenSSH), and providing hosting for open-source projects include PostgreSQL and Horde.
IFDNRG are a UK based web and video hosting company with a wide range of expertise in web systems built on FreeBSD. We are focused on developing our network to promote high performance and highly scalable web services and have 10 years of experience in FreeBSD based solutions for web/email and video.
ImproWare AG
ImproWare AG focuses on Internet and Networking Services as well as System Integration and Consulting. ImproWare runs its own swiss-wide Multiservice-Backbones. It offers internet access via cable and leased lines. Serverhousing with 24/7 access to the server-room is also a service ImproWare offers.
Infotime Internet
Infotime offers shared hosting, domain name registrations and dedicated servers. We have been using FreeBSD for most of our services for the last 4 years.
Located in Germany, INGATE GmbH provides managed and unmanaged dedicated servers with FreeBSD preinstalled.
Integrity Host
Integrity Host provides shared hosting, VPS (Virtual Private Servers), and fully managed dedicated servers that run on multiple versions of FreeBSD. cPanel and Fantastico are available and bandwidth allocation is generous.
Interoute Deutschland GmbH
Interoute Deutschland is located in Duesseldorf, Germany. As full service provider we deliver a large range of services including leased lines, (S)DSL, virtual and dedicated hosting. Using FreeBSD since years for internal purposes and customer solutions we are sure to meet your requirements.
IP Global is the leading Texas Internet Service Provider offering data transport services to all major cities as well as hosting and colocation solutions to businesses and groups around the globe. We specialize in carrier grade transport circuits for Houston, Austin, Dallas / Fort Worth, and San Antonio ranging in connections from Fractional T1, Integrated T1, Full Unmetered T1 Service, and bundled T1's up to Burstable and Full T3 packages. IP Global also delivers Highspeed DSL and Local 56K Dialup Internet to the Houston area.
iWeb Technologies Inc.
iWeb has been providing reliable and scalable Internet hosting infrastructure solutions with its shared web hosting, dedicated servers, managed hosting and colocation services for over a decade. Power your valuable online web presence with an iWeb Dedicated Server running FreeBSD.
JohnCompanies Collocation is a specialist in both dedicated and virtual FreeBSD servers. Unlimited technical support comes directly from FreeBSD engineers with no complicated ticket system, impersonal auto responders and no first level techs reading from cue-cards. Servers are housed in a state of the art, secure hosting facility with multi-homed tier 1 backbone connections.
Keyway Internet Services
Keyway Internet Services has provided premium business and residential solutions since 1995. Nationwide services include business-class hosting and dialup access. Southern California services include T1, Fiber, DSL, and Wireless. We feature our own colocation facility in Ontario, CA, and are proud to feature FreeBSD as a recommended platform. All clients receive live no-hold support, and T1/Colocation clients receive 24/7/365 support. Web Hosting
We provide fast, reliable, and affordable web hosting and reseller hosting services backed by fast and friendly customer service. Our operating system of choice is FreeBSD.
KwShell Internet Services
KwShell Internet Services is an Arabic based company, which provides hosting solutions like shared and dedicated Servers. KwShell Internet Services is also able to provide management and support for a variety of BSD and Linux systems.
Layered Technologies
Layered Technologies provides enterprise level, dedicated self managed hosting solutions to our clients at the best, very affordable prices. The self-managed dedicated servers are hosted on tier-1 bandwidth. FreeBSD is our no. 1 supported OS. We have a local FreeBSD/CVSup mirror for customers. Netzwerksysteme GmbH Netzwerksysteme GmbH is an Internet Service Provider and specialist in network integration services and solutions. Founded in 1992, with an assembled team of 25 specialists, is located in one of Germany's largest industrial regions in Baden-Wuerttemberg. We deliver german-wide Highspeed DSL, 64K ISDN Dialup and leased line Internet access. We also specialize in domain services, webserver hosting and housing, System integration services, network management, security and VPN solutions, virus and spam checking, screen design and programming as well as consulting and training.
M5 Hosting
We provide FreeBSD Dedicated Servers as well as other dedicated servers with Unix-like operating systems. All servers are customized to your specifications, including: disk partitions, OS version, package installation, number of IP Addresses, and more. Our network emphasizes quality bandwidth rather than quantity. We host the San Diego BSD Users Group mailing list and web site.
MAcomnet telecommunications company, Moscow, Russia
CJSC MAcomnet is one of the biggest Moscow telecommunication companies founded in 1991 by the Moscow Metropoliten and Andrew Corporation (USA). Numerous customers do justice to MAcomnet service high quality and level, among them are large communications operators, Internet providers, telephone companies, banks, hotels, exhibition centers, embassies, well known trading companies, government organizations, institutions, industrial enterprises, scientific-research institutes, mass media. A lot of MAcomnet ISP servers are FreeBSD based. MAcomnet hosts and cvsup mirrors.
Midland Computers
Midland Computers is a UK based FreeBSD hosting provider. We offer hosting solutions ranging from shared hosting to dedicated servers, all running FreeBSD and we run our own secure data center.
MindSalt Timesheet and Expense
MindSalt Time & Expense is a 100% Web-based application that allows you and your employees to access your timesheets and expenses from anywhere in the world through an intuitive, easy to use interface. All you need is an Internet connection to track time and expenses, monitor projects in real-time, and manage and approve timesheets and expense reports. The powerful reporting options in MindSalt Time & Expense supply the vital information that you need. Cost and billing, profitability, client billing, and project budgets are just a few of the types of information you will find in the flexible reports. With over 100 combinations of reports for Administrators, Managers, and Employees, you are sure to find the report you need. Start your free trial today.
MultaCom Corporation
MultaCom Offers a full line of internet services including Colocation, Dedicated Servers, Web development, Bandwidth and IP services, Virtual Private Networks and Shared hosting based on FreeBSD and on site 24/7 FreeBSD System Engineers. FreeBSD is widely used in our organization and our shared hosting is FreeBSD based. We provide FreeBSD servers as dedicated and also install for free on servers we sell to others.
netcup GmbH
Netcup is a hosting provider located in Germany and we are specialized in providing webhosting and virtual servers. At the beginning of 2013 we changed our virtualisation technology to KVM. This gives you the possibility to run the operating system of your choice. You can easily setup your vServer with just a few clicks by using our prepared FreeBSD image.
NQhost offers virtual private servers with guaranteed resources. Our FreeBSD VPS packages can be created in Germany or US-located data centers. We offer flexible tariff plans, configurations and friendly support.
Established in 1996, NYI is headquartered in the heart of the Wall Street area, with facilities in both Lower Manhattan and Bridgewater, New Jersey. The company's core services include colocation and dedicated servers, cloud computing and managed services, disaster recovery and business continuity planning. NYI provides mission-critical data solutions for a broad range of industries, including media, financial services, healthcare, law, fashion, architecture, life sciences and real estate. NYI is SSAE 16-, PCI and HIPPA-compliant. For more information please visit our website. Netzwerksysteme GmbH Netzwerksysteme GmbH is one of the biggest Internet Service Provider for japanese customers in Germany. We deliver services like WWW-housing, E-Mail gates, Highspeed DSL and PPP Dialup. With our Germany-wide dialin-infrastructure we try to satisfy all of our customers needs.
OPH is a internet hosting provider located in Amsterdam. We deliver powerful FreeBSD dedicated servers and custom-built servers to meet your requirements. On the network side, all our servers include full 100Mbps / 1Gbps connections to the Internet. For more information, please check our website, or call us at +31 527 688768.
With many own datacenters on 4 continents and extensive offers for even the most demanding infrastructure needs, OVH is the number 3 internet hosting company in the world and a globally leading cloud provider on the market. Among almost 100 other Unix/Linux distributions, OVH is proud to provide the latest FreeBSD versions for dedicated and virtual servers since FreeBSD 4.
pair Networks, Inc.
pair Networks, a global FreeBSD-based Web hosting and domain name registration company, headquartered in Pittsburgh, PA, hosts hundreds of thousands of Web sites for businesses, bloggers, artists, educational institutions and non-profit organizations from around the world. pair Networks first went online in January 1996 and has experienced strong growth year after year. All pair Networks' Web servers run the reliable FreeBSD operating system. For more information contact us via e-mail or phone.
peaknetworks, located in the Heart of the Alps in Austria, is a web hosting and domain name registration company. Our clients range from private bloggers to business customers. We use FreeBSD for its proven scalability and performance. For more information, please check our website or contact us via e-mail. is a non commercial, educational effort for popularization of shell enabled operating systems and internet services, offering shell accounts, development environment, mail and other online services on all available systems (currently on different flavours of Linux, OpenVMS, Solaris, OpenIndiana, AIX, QNX, IRIX, HP-UX, Tru64, SCO OpenServer, UnixWare, FreeBSD, OpenBSD, NetBSD, DragonFly/BSD, MirBSD, Ultrix, Minix, GNU Hurd and OPENSTEP).
Quonix Networks
Quonix Networks provides a variety of personal and enterprise hosting solutions powered by FreeBSD, including web, mail, secure shell hosting, dedicated servers and colocation.
ReliableServers provides managed and unmanaged dedicated server hosting and colocation. FreeBSD is our #1 installed OS, we even provide a local cvsup for all clients. Our datacenter is staffed around the clock to provide the best possible support. Visit us at www.ReliableServers.Com
RootBSD is a hosting company specializing in virtual FreeBSD hosting and managed services. The FreeBSD Virtual Private Servers allow users to modify the kernel, setup a firewall and many more options. Each VPS includes root access and a web-based control panel for managing the virtual environment. Technical support is handled in-house by FreeBSD experts who can diagnose problems and help you get up and running quickly. RootBSD has donated services to FreeBSD developers to support the community.
Sago Networks
Sago Networks was founded as an alternative to the telephone and cable company monopolies and inefficient Internet companies. Its mission is to be a one-stop shop for all of its customers' bandwidth and custom telecommunications needs. The company also believes in providing a laser-like focus on customer service and, from its headquarters in the Tampa Bay area and satellite offices in Miami and Atlanta, has implemented multiple rapidly deployable, high-speed fiber and wireless networks and maintains one of the largest bandwidth datacenters in the country.
ServePath is a managed server hosting and data center provider located in San Francisco. We deliver powerful, affordable FreeBSD dedicated server hosting, custom-built to meet your requirements. On the network side, all of our servers include full 100Mbps burstable connections to the Internet, with HSRP protected private VLANs. All ServePath FreeBSD dedicated servers give you full root access, and you can choose from multiple FreeBSD release versions. Check our web site, or call us at 866-321-PATH.
Founded in 2002, ServerBeach was launched to serve the market's thirst for self-managed servers equipped with powerful hardware, fast and reliable bandwidth, convenient automation tools, and first-class support - all at an affordable price. Self-managed servers are not an afterthought at the Beach, it's our business. And we do whatever we can to satisfy the needs of our core customers, the "Geeks" - people like you. People like us. In 2004, the picture improved even more when ServerBeach was acquired by PEER 1. This allowed us to connect our data centers to the rock-solid, ultra-fast PEER 1 network with our 100% Uptime Guarantee. ServerBeach is the only self-managed hosting company in the world that offers servers in three geographically diverse locations: WEST COAST, CENTRAL US, and EAST COAST. Now offering FreeBSD, Ubuntu, and other Linux Operating Systems.
ServersSale provides dedicated servers as well as VPS hosting services. Both can be based on FreeBSD. Our servers can optionally be offshored or protected against DDOS attacks. The company was established in 2014 but has been in the hosting industry since 2003.
Shock Media is a web- and serverhosting company located in the Netherlands. We sell high quality hosting products with Service Level Agreements for affordable prices. We install FreeBSD with or without webhosting control panel. Feel free to contact us or to check out our website if you are interested in our hosting products.
SimpleRezo, a French company, provides web hosting solutions based exclusively on FreeBSD and technologies (jails or dedicated server, Apache, PHP, Tomcat, MySQL, pgSQL...). Other services include: Network architecture consulting (fail-over, high availability), FreeBSD server administration or support (fileserver, firewalls, mailserver) and others more. Please visit our website to get more information.
SkilTech, Inc.
SkilTech Web Design and Hosting, based in Elkton, MD, has been offering FreeBSD based hosting since 1998. Both shared and dedicated web hosting solutions are available, and unlike many larger firms, we can work with our customers to address their individual hosting needs.
SmartServ Hosting
Based in Britsh Columbia, Canada, SmartServ Hosting offers a wide range of shared website hosting and shell hosting packages at an affordable price and rock solid stability. Using FreeBSD servers, SmartServ offers a variety of unique features including your choice of PHP version, web serving software, and native IPv6 presence.
Solution Point
Based in New Delhi, India, Solution Point provides VPS Hosting on FreeBSD/amd64. We use only official FreeBSD and provide various capacities to serve most demanding requirements of full dedicated servers.
Swishmail, New York City based company, provides business email hosting with virus/spam-scanning running on FreeBSD amd64 on HP AMD Dual Opteron 64 bit servers since 1999. Swishmail is in the business of email hosting, shell providing, web hosting, dedicated servers, and email accounting.
Tarsnap is a secure online backup service for FreeBSD and other unix-like operating systems. Tarsnap is owned and operated by FreeBSD developer Colin Percival and is proud to support FreeBSD via donations to the FreeBSD Foundation.
Tier1 Hosting Solutions
Tier1 Hosting Solutions provides Fast VPS (Virtual Private Server Hosting for FreeBSD-AMD/64. All Fibre Backbone Network, running on Enterprise Servaris Servers. We use only official FreeBSD Released ISO's for all versions of FreeBSD. The FreeBSD VPS offered is KVM Full Virtualization. Tier1 Hosting offers various capacities to serve most requirements. Tier1 Hosting Solutions also provides full Dedicated Servers with FreeBSD.
Transip B.V. is a top 5 domain registrar in the Netherlands. TransIP uses FreeBSD exclusively on its own servers and offers virtual hosting and dedicated servers based on FreeBSD.
Vellance B.V.
Vellance B.V. is a Dutch managed hosting provider located in Amsterdam. Our core-business is delivering advanced Managed hosting platforms. Vellance primarily works with FreeBSD (since the 90's), so it is not a surprise our managed hosting platforms and Virtual Enterprise Cloud environment is completely based on a FreeBSD infrastructure. Next to Virtual Dedicated Servers we offer many products like Private Cloud infrastructures, Media hosting, datacentre facilities and hosting consultancy.
Velocity Servers
Velocity Servers provides game server hosting and webhosting on FreeBSD. We can host any specific games that are designed to run on Linux.
Venigo Internet Services
Venigo Internet Services is a French based company, which provides hosting solutions like shared, dedicated, colocation hostings, and VPN solutions based on FreeBSD. Venigo Internet Services is also able to provide management and support for variety of BSD & Linux systems.
A cloud services provider based on 100% SSD Hardware with 14 Optimized locations worldwide. Vultr also has many tutorials on how to setup various services on your VPS.
Webdrops ICT
FreeBSD hosting based in Italy since 2004. We provide hosting on shared boxes, dedicated servers, co-location, gTLD and worldwide ccTLD registration and every DC service you may ask for. We have rack space available in Milan IT, Dallas US and Amsterdam NL; We can provide simple or complex network infrastructure and supply Brand or custom hardware and network equipments.