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FreeBSD Project Administration and Management


This page lists teams, groups and individuals within the FreeBSD project with designated project roles and areas of responsibility, along with brief descriptions and contact information.

FreeBSD Core Team <>

The FreeBSD Core Team constitutes the project's "Board of Directors", responsible for deciding the project's overall goals and direction as well as managing specific areas of the FreeBSD project landscape. The Core Team is elected by the active developers in the project.

FreeBSD Documentation Engineering Team <>

The FreeBSD Documentation Engineering Team is responsible for defining and following up documentation goals for the committers in the Documentation project. The doceng team charter describes the duties and responsibilities of the Documentation Engineering Team in greater detail.

FreeBSD Port Management Team <>

The primary responsibility of the FreeBSD Port Management Team is to ensure that the FreeBSD Ports Developer community provides a ports collection that is functional, stable, up-to-date and full-featured. Its secondary responsibility is to coordinate among the committers and developers who work on it. The portmgr team charter describes the duties and responsibilities of the Port Management Team in greater detail.

Primary Release Engineering Team <>

The Primary Release Engineering Team is responsible for setting and publishing release schedules for official project releases of FreeBSD, announcing code freezes and maintaining releng/* branches, among other things. The release engineering team charter describes the duties and responsibilities of the Primary Release Engineering Team in greater detail.

Builders Release Engineering Team <>

The builders release engineering team is responsible for building and packaging FreeBSD releases on the various supported platforms.

Donations Team <>

The FreeBSD Donations Team is responsible for responding to donations offers, establishing donation guidelines and procedures, and coordinating donation offers with the FreeBSD developer community. A more detailed description of the duties of the Donations Team is available on the FreeBSD Donations Liaison page.

Marketing Team <>

Press contact, marketing, interviews, information.

Security Team <>

The FreeBSD Security Team (headed by the Security Officer) is responsible for keeping the community aware of bugs, exploits and security risks affecting the FreeBSD src and ports trees, and to promote and distribute information needed to safely run FreeBSD systems. Furthermore, it is responsible for resolving software bugs affecting the security of FreeBSD and issuing security advisories. The FreeBSD Security Officer Charter describes the duties and responsibilities of the Security Officer in greater detail.

Vendor Relations <>

Vendor Relations is responsible for handling email from hardware and software vendors. Email sent to Vendor Relations is forwarded to the FreeBSD Core Team in addition to the FreeBSD Foundation.

Core Team Secretary <>

The FreeBSD Core Team Secretary is a non-voting member of the Core Team, responsible for documenting the work done by core, keeping track of the core agenda, direct contact with non-core members sending mail to core and to be an the interface to the admin team for committer/account approval. The Core Team Secretary is also responsible for writing and sending out monthly status reports to the FreeBSD Developer community, containing a summary of core's latest decisions and actions.

Port Management Team Secretary <>

The FreeBSD Port Management Team Secretary is a non-voting member of the Port Management Team, responsible for documenting the work done by portmgr, keeping track of voting procedures, and to be an interface to the other teams, especially the admin and Core teams. The Port Management Team Secretary is also responsible for writing and sending out monthly status reports to the FreeBSD Developer community, containing a summary of portmgr's latest decisions and actions.

Security Team Secretary <>

The FreeBSD Security Team Secretary will make sure someone responds to incoming emails towards the Security Team. He will acknowledge receipt and keep track of the progress within the Security Team. If needed the Secretary will contact members of the Security Team to let them provide an update on ongoing items. Currently the Security Team Secretary does not handle Security Officer Team items.

Accounts Team <accounts@>

The Accounts Team is responsible for setting up accounts for new committers in the project. Requests for new accounts will not be acted upon without the proper approval from the appropriate entity.

Backups Administrators <backups@>

The Backups Administrators handle all backups on the FreeBSD cluster.

Email sent to the Backups Team is currently forwarded to Cluster Administration.

Bugmeisters <>

The Bugmeisters are responsible for ensuring that the maintenance database is in working order, that the entries are correctly categorised and that there are no invalid entries. They are also responsible for the problem report group.

Cluster Administrators <admins@>

The Cluster Administrators consists of the people responsible for administrating the machines that the project relies on for its distributed work and communication to be synchronised. It consists mainly of those people who have physical access to the servers. Issues concerning the projects infrastructure or setting up new machines should be directed to the cluster administrators. This team is led by the lead cluster administrator whose duties and responsbilities are described in the cluster administration charter in greater detail.

DNS Administrators <dnsadm@>

The DNS Administrators are responsible for managing DNS and related services.

E-mail to the DNS Administrators is currently forwarded to Cluster Administration.

FreeBSD Forum Administrators <>

The Forum Administrators maintain the FreeBSD Project's web forum site, located at and lead the group of moderators who work to ensure the relevance and quality of forum content.

Repository Automated Mirroring to GitHub Coordinators <>

The GitHub Automation team oversees the export of FreeBSD source code repository content to the read-only repository instances on GitHub

Jenkins Continuous Integration Testing Administrators <>

The Jenkins Administrators run continuous build and integration tests against the HEAD revision of the FreeBSD Source Code.

FTP/WWW Mirror Site Coordinators <>

The FTP/WWW Mirror Site Coordinators coordinate all the FTP/WWW mirror site adminstrators to ensure that they are distributing current versions of the software, that they have the capacity to update themselves when major updates are in progress, and making it easy for the general public to find their closest FTP/WWW mirror.

E-mail to the Mirror Site Coordinators is currently forwarded to the Cluster Administration team with the addition of:

Perforce Repository Administrators <>

The Perforce Repository Administrators are responsible for administrating the FreeBSD perforce source repository and setting up new perforce accounts. All requests concerning new perforce accounts for non-committers should be directed to the perforce administrators.

Phabricator Code Review Application Administrators <>

The Phabricator Administrators are responsible for maintaining the FreeBSD's instance of the Phabricator on-line code review tool located at

Postmaster Team <>

The Postmaster Team is responsible for mail being correctly delivered to the committers' email address, ensuring that the mailing lists work, and should take measures against possible disruptions of project mail services, such as having troll-, spam- and virus-filters.

Subversion Administrators <svnadm@>

The FreeBSD Subversion team is responsible for maintaining the health of the Subversion Repositories.

Email to the Subversion Administration team is currently forwarded to Cluster Administration.

Webmaster Team <>

The FreeBSD Webmaster Team is appointed by FreeBSD Documentation Engineering Team, and responsible for keeping the main FreeBSD web sites up and running. This means web server configuration, CGI scripts, fulltext and mailing list search. Anything web related, technical stuff belongs to the scope of the Webmaster Team, excluding bugs in the documentation.

Email to the Webmaster Team is currently forwarded to the Documentation Engineering team with the addition of: